Stefano Ricci

56 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London 

Since 1972, Stefano Ricci has been a reference point for true Luxury Menswear & Lifestyle.Knownforits100%Made in Italy craftsmanship, the Florentine maison offers the highest quality in made-to- measure Italian tailoring and the SR HOME Collection and Bespoke Interiors.

Galata Studio collaborated with the company in-house designer to develop the project and manage it to the successful completion of the works.

The design of the showroom stems from the overall design approach of Stefano Ricci: pure lines, precious materials and timeless design led by the search for excellence.

Year: 2016

- Designer: Stefano Ricci
- Architect (Riba Work Stages 1-6):

Galata Studio Architects 

Colnaghi Gallery

26 Bury Street, London, SW1Y

P & D Colnaghi & Co is an art dealership in St James's, central London, England - the oldest commercial art gallery in the world, established in 1760. 

A sequence of exhibition and working spaces invites the visitor onto a promenade articulated along axis and views, from an artwork to the next. 

Year: 2016 

- Concept Designer: Diego Fortunato - Architect: Galata Studio Architects - Lighting Designer: ZNA Studio

Lampronti Art Gallery

44 Duke Street, St James's, London

Founded in Rome in 1914, the Cesare Lampronti Gallery represents the third generation of an established family of art dealers. 

The gallery focuses on Italian Old Master Paintings of the 17th and 18th Centuries, with view paintings, landscapes and still lives forming the majority of the content. 

In January 2013, an offshoot of the gallery opened in the heart of London allowing viewers an insight into Italian art and culture. 

The exhibition spaces have been designed and detailed to display the artwork within a classical environment. 

Year: 2013 

- Architect (Riba Works Stages 1-6): Galata Studio Architects 

- Main Contractor: Lamberti Construction

Dutko Art Gallery

18 Davies Street, Mayfair, London

Founded by Jean-Jacques Dutko, a leading authority on the Art Deco movement, Galerie Dutko is a paris based gallery renowned for staging exhibitions that showcase the finest examples of Art Deco furniture alongside contemporary works.

The design by the French designer Chantal Jaïs for the London space in Davies Street is based on clean lines and spaces, with carefully crafted minimalist detailing.


Year: 2015

- Concept Designer: Chantal Jaïs
- Architect ( Riba Stages 1-3): Galata Studio

- Lighting Designer: Cannon-Brookes

Lighting & Design
- Main Contractor: Intelitrade Developments